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The IDEO way

I think The IDEO Way is one of the most brilliant management techniques ever.
Here I will make comments about each of the five steps
1. Observation
This step consists of
*Shadowing (observing people using products, shopping, going to hospitals, taking the train, using their cell phones)
*Behavioral Mapping (photographing people within a space, such as a hospital waiting room, over two or three days)
*Consumer Journey (keeping track of all the interactions a consumer has with a product, service, or space)
*Camera Journals (asking consumers to keep visual diaries of their activities and impressions relating to a product)
*Extreme User Interviews (talking to people who really know -or know nothing- about a product or service, and evaluating their experience using it)
*Storytelling (Prompting people to tell personal stories about their consumer experiences)
*Unfocus Groups (interviewing a diverse group of people)
I think the highlight of this step is behavioral mapping and unfocus groups. Those two activities can really make a difference to a company’s way of knowing their customer. By photographing people within space within two or three days, the company knows what kind of people visit what kind of place at what time of the day, thus they can get inside the people’s mind.

2. Brainstorming
This step consist of
*defer judgment
*build on the ideas of others
*encourage wild ideas
*go for quantity
*be visual
*stay focused on the topic
*one conversation at a time
After the company gets the data gathered from observation, they must analyze the data with an idea generating session. This brainstorming session can be a very effective way of collecting inputs from all members of the organization and turning the into outputs.

3.Rapid Prototyping
This step consists of
*Mock up everything
*use videography
*go fast
*no frills
*create scenarios
Only by mocking up everything we can have the experience of any product or service we plan to create and the strengths and weaknesses of it. Hence we can visualize possible solutions and speed-up decision making and innovation.

4. Refining
This step consists of :
*focus prototyping
*engage the client
*be disciplined
*get agreement
After the first three steps, the company must have choices of a product or a service. In this step, those choices are narrowed down to only a few possibilities. The whole organization must analyze the profile of each option and then come to a conclusion

5. Implementation
*tap all resources
This is the step where the company must use all the resources it has to create a quality product or service.


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