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Scamper-ize Your I-Pod !!

Hi! This is me trying to SCAMPER-ize the i-pod, one of my favorite things in the world, which is made by Apple, never heard of SCAMPER? Oh jeez, where have you been??

SCAMPER is an acronym which stands for :

*Substitute = Imagine if the earphone that comes free everytime you buy an i-pod is a good quality Sennheiser headset, the big one, which sounds GRAND, wouldn’t that be fun?

*Combine = combine the classic-ness of i-pod classic 120 gb with the cuteness of the newest i-pod shuffle, so we’ll have a super cute 120gb i-pod with monitors

*Adapt = imagine if your i-pod can create a playlist based on the current weather, so it knows the temperature and it creates a playlist when it rains, or when it’s so freakin hot, etc, well I call that an i-pod that can adapt

*Modify = I think square is a bit out of fashion, imagine an i-pod that’s triangle shaped, interesting dontcha think?

*Put to other uses = how about an i-pod that can open microsoft office, so you can create your homework and listen to your favorite bands at the same time

*Eliminate = eliminate the photos feature, nobody uses it…

*Reverse = I think it would be super cool if the shuffle feature works for videos only not music


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